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Who Should Be Ashamed, Mr Lee Hsien Loong?

Aaron April 19, 2014

My comments, on Lee Hsien Loong’s post about xenophobia, lest it be deleted. ——– The protest is a disgrace. But who caused it? It’s you Mr Lee. You lowered the standard Singaporeans and how they feel in Singapore.As for the world? The world empathises with the people of Singapore you ignorant fool. I’m sure you don’t… Continue Reading »


Laksania Review (Jem)

Aaron April 6, 2014

Walked by Laksania when it was still at JCube and thought, cool, looks like someone’s creating a new concept based around the venerable Laksa, then I saw this article a few months back, saying they were a social enterprise struggling to make ends meet due to rising costs. A social enterprise hiring those with mental/physical… Continue Reading »


D-BOX Golden Village Bishan Review – ft Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Aaron April 2, 2014

First, it was 3D. Then came Dolby Atmos, that crazy 67 channel sound system. Now, it’s D-Box. 3D, while gimmicky, can work wonders with the right film. Atmos, in my opinion anyway, works most of the time, because it really fires up the experience. What about D-Box, a motion simulating system, the latest in cinematic… Continue Reading »


Clearvision Epilasik Experience 3 – The Recovery

Aaron February 28, 2014

Royalty free stock image from This is a part of a series of articles I’ll be posting soon with my experience with Clearvision, Epi-Lasik, and my understanding on laser eye surgeries in general. The other posts are not done yet, but I’ve been updating this with every appointment and new experience, so I thought… Continue Reading »


Are Local Companies Selling Customer Details?

Aaron January 30, 2014

So, I just received an email saying I can buy email databases. This guy’s English.. isn’t exactly top notch, but as far as I can, the names dropped below are *not* the names of customers buying the lists, but, disconcertingly, where the lists originate from. 1) – 650k db 2) Groupon – 400k db… Continue Reading »


Killer HDBs Lifts – What’s Going On?

Aaron January 15, 2014

Saw a disturbing headline today: Dog killed in lift accident after leash gets trapped in lift door (Warning: Disturbing Picture) It was not long ago when a video circulated showing another dog’s leash getting caught in the lift’s door, but it was a small pug and it managed to escape the death trap. Yes, the… Continue Reading »


Trader’s Hotel KL Review – Executive Suite, Twin Towers View, Trader’s Club

Aaron January 13, 2014

  My favourite staycation hotel, this time in the even more luxurious Executive Suite. See the Trader’s Club Deluxe Room Here. For more hotel review videos: Click Here Do Support if you found this useful by using the links below. Click to book a room @ Trader’s Hotel KL from: Agoda


Trader’s Hotel KL Review – Deluxe Room, Twin Towers View, Trader’s Club

Aaron January 10, 2014

  One of my favourite hotels for a getaway staycation. It’s not to far from my home (in Singapore), affordable, convenient, comfortable and who can forget the fantastic view where nature and the city meet. See the twin towers at night through the Trader’s Club Executive Room Here. For more hotel review videos: Click Here… Continue Reading »


Open Letter to Lee Hsien Long & the PAP: Please Get Over Yourselves

Aaron November 29, 2013

Dear Prime Minister and the PAP, Here’s the happy truth – Nobody wants to waste their time, effort and emotional energy hounding and criticising everything you do. As with everything in life, if you’re doing a good job, chances are nobody will notice because you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing anyway. The question… Continue Reading »


PAP vs Anonymous – The One Thing The PAP Should Do But Won’t

Aaron November 11, 2013

Make a guess. .. … Nope. Not that either. Hire hackers? That’s actually something worth considering…but that’s not it. Give up? I don’t blame you. Here’s the one thing the PAP should do, but won’t: Self Reflection. I’ve been reading comments and there are people who  took the ‘attack’ on the government as an attack… Continue Reading »

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