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Philips AirFryer HD9240 – Best Sale Price

aaron loy January 5, 2017

Updated:5th January, 2017 Even though ‘Airfryer’ technology has been around for a rather long time. Remember those round ‘rapid broilers’ sold on TV? Yeap. Airfryers are essentially redesigned broilers that use superheated air to cook. Thanks to insightful, user-friendly design overhauls and improved superheating by Philips however, Airfryers have become more effective at ‘frying’ foods,… Continue Reading »


Bukit Panjang LRT – Alamak. How ah.

aaron loy October 6, 2016

Updated:6th October, 2016 Hiyah. Why like that. I’d just like to start by saying that the Singapore govt, LTA and its pseudo private constituents (SBS, SMRT, etc) are actually very capable. I’m convinced that we have probably the only directly/indirectly govt run/controlled/manipulated institutions that are as efficient, if not more so, than other private companies… Continue Reading »


Re: How to strengthen Singapore’s public service broadcasting in digital age

aaron loy April 11, 2016

Updated:11th April, 2016 Re: How to strengthen Singapore’s public service broadcasting in digital age It’s simple. Create better content. I’ve not watched local TV for at least 5 years. The few times I watched it, the local dramas are cringe worthy, awards are self ball-lickingly congratulatory, and the news is always talking about how good the… Continue Reading »


Sony SRS-X11 Review (Wireless Bluetooth Speakers)

aaron loy March 19, 2016

Updated:31st March, 2016 (I approached Sony Singapore and they kindly provided the demo units for review) I’ll be honest. I was never really a big fan of Sony Speakers. My mantra for Sony sound products was – “If it processes sound, it’s good, but if it made sound, avoid”. This is especially so for products… Continue Reading »


Digital TV Antenna Hack – Cheap, Easy, And..Free?

aaron loy March 15, 2016

Updated:31st March, 2016 So, I found myself in a situation where I had friends coming over to watch Singapore’s National Day Parade 2015. To watch the high definition broadcast on channel HD5, I’ll need to acquire the DVB-T2 digital signal. I already have a digital ready TV, but for some reason, my apartment’s TV/Cable point… Continue Reading »


SukiYa Review (Sukiyaki/Shabu Buffet)

aaron loy January 29, 2016

Updated:2nd February, 2016 It’s nice to see affordable shabu shabu buffet eateries popping up.  It’s a ‘healthier’, less greasy alternative to Korean BBQ, but just as filling and flavourful with the variety of available soups and fresh vegetables. The first time I tried Sukiya was at at Katong 113. I bought a groupon without knowing that… Continue Reading »


Kanshoku Ramen Bar Review (Orchard Gateway)

aaron loy January 25, 2016

Updated:16th February, 2016 I did a review for Kanshoku Ramen not long ago and I must admit, I didn’t come away impressed. I even questioned the nature of all the excellent reviews surrounding it. You can read more about it here. But, alas, once my hard critical shell’s been cracked, I’m, like most people, actually all… Continue Reading »


How to Use Google Domains in Singapore

aaron loy January 6, 2016

Updated:6th January, 2016 I hate Domain Registrars. They’re often difficult to use and are finding ways to squeeze more money out of you. I started out with Godaddy, which was a mistake, because, not only was their administrative panel hard to use, after the first year, they wanted rip me off by charging an addition… Continue Reading »

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